Welcome to my 365project!

The inspiration for this blog has been taken from 365project.org, a website in which members upload a photograph every day, to describe their day or an event, develop their photography skills but most importantly share some art/creative-ness with the world.

Rather than using the 365project website, I have chosen to share my 365project on my own website, but it’s the same idea. I also share my photographs every day with a group of mutual friends on Facebook. Click here to check it out! Feel free to join and start sharing! There are some outstanding photographers on that group. :)

I started this project by not only sharing a photograph every day (whether it was from that specific day or from the past), but also by sharing a little about what I did on that day. With a busy lifestyle, after a month of personal blogging, I have chosen to focus on the photography, only writing a small blurb about the photograph, normally where the photograph was taken, its inspiration and perhaps how it related to that day. I’ll be keeping a diary of what I do every day anyway, so if you want to know what I did on a particular day, feel free to ask! :)

I hope you enjoy my blog and it inspires you to share your creativity with the world! :)