121. Rain Trip

The beginning of an epic road trip with four friends to Belgium to see the 2012 Spa Formula 1 Grand Prix.


120. Portraiture


119. Ben Nevis Climb Panorama


118. Abhainn Righ & Loch Linnhe (from Ben Nevis)


117. Loch Linnhe (from Ben Nevis)


116. Ben Nevis Climb (from the top)


115. Ben Nevis Climb


114. Sparrows

Taken at Netherthorpe Airfield whilst standing just off the grass runway. I was taking photographs of my Dad flying when I came across these playful sparrows.


First of all – it’s been several months since I’ve posted anything and I’m very behind on submissions – I’m still submitting for April 2012 and now it’s April 2013!!! It’s the usual story – I got busy. I also wanted to post photographs in the order that they happened…so I wanted to post photogrpahs from Belgium only after I caught up to September when I actually went. But I have decided it’s going to take wayyyy too long to do it that way, so I’m going to try to upload regularly now in effort to finish this project (at least for 2012 anyway). Hopefully I can complete by the end of 2013!

Hope you continue to enjoy! :)

113. Goat Fell, Isle of Arran

112. Kelvingrove Art Gallery

111. The Ferry from Isle of Arran

Taken back in 2008 using a Nikon D70. Since I’m so far behind, I looked through all my photographs again to see if I could find any gems I could edit and use, so I can catch up! More to come from Isle of Arran.

110. The Clyde

109. Loose Park, Kansas City

Taken in America on a day out to Kansas City whilst on flight training. Full blog and other photographs from that day can be seen here.

Full Screen Gallery from the day: Click Here

108. Montrose Lighthouse

Taken just before my 21st Birthday, before the days where I knew about RAW or that I’d find such a passion for photography. The photograph was still taken on the 550d though!

The birds scattered with a clap of my Dads hands.

107. Rouken Glen Park Panorama

I finally have got my hands on a nice tripod. Unfortunately there’s a part missing for it which is on its way. Then my panoramas can hopefully bit a bit better…a bit narrow at the moment because I need to crop them quite a bit.

Not only bigger panoramas…but now I have a tripod, I can give HDR a shot! So watch this space! :)

106. A start at long exposure photography [without a tripod]

105. Rouken Glen Park

104. Kelvin Way

103. Glasgow Science Centre & Tower

Taken in the late evening with Josh after buying his new Canon 550d.

I also took my first photographs today so I could make a HDR image. I realised the power of HDR and I hope to explore this area of photography in the near future. My photograph didn’t turn out great because I wasn’t using a tripod but I did process it and spend time editing the image after and I realised this is there that “umph” comes from in the photographs you see on interfacelift.com and other typical wallpaper websites.

102. Argyle Street, Glasgow | From the steps of Kelvingrove Art Gallery

101. University of Glasgow

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything for my 365blog. Life got busy. Perhaps I should pick this up again, since I’m a good 130 odd days behind…this is 10th April photograph, actually taken on 17th August. Although I do have a bunch of photographs to share from graduation, flying, the farm I stayed at and more…I just wanted to share them in order, but I have to fill in the gaps! Back in the editing groove now so hopefully can keep it up! Sorry I kept you waiting three months!

100. University of Glasgow from my Window

99. Denver (Colorado) Architecture Continued

That’s what it was.

How about that?

Quite an incredible design!