98. Denver (Colorado) Downtown Architecture

A quick stop by Denver downtown before continuing our last leg to Liberty (Missouri), we had the whole town to ourselves on the quiet Saturday morning.

An enjoyable morning, we found ourselves surrounded by some quite interesting architecture.

See that in the top left corner? Can you guess what it might be?…see next photograph.

97. San Francisco

A day trip in San Francisco before my father and I began our road trip across America, we walked from downtown to the bay area. This photograph was taken on the way to the bay.

96. Kansas City Downtown [From Above]

Taken on my first ever cross country solo to Miami County, flying by Kansas City Downtown.

95. Kansas City Downtown Airport

As part of my night training and flying at a towered airport, my flight instructor, Brandon and I flew to Kansas City Downtown airport to practise landing at a towered airport, something I wasn’t used to.

The airport we were based out of is pilot controlled airspace, where pilots share their intentions with other pilots in the area. However at bigger airports like this one, which is controlled airspace, you must ask the tower for permission and then you are granted it and guided appropriately.

I remember this day well. It was a very very long day! I had sat and passed my written exam in the morning then I flew for the rest of the day!

Nevertheless, the photograph was taken just as we arrived. We parked up and waited until the sun set so we could fly in the dark, contributing to my hours at night for my flight training.
That is the Kansas City skyline which can be seen in the background of the photograph.
I miss my Cherokee!

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94. Father & Son | Jaguar | Road Trip | Rocky Mountains

After a fantastic morning at the Red Rocks near Denver, Colorado, followed by a trip to Boulder, a beautiful little town which we accidentally drove through on the way to the Rocky Mountains, my father and I thoroughly enjoyed our stop here to have a wee picnic in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

The weather was spectacular. The drive was breathtaking. A day to remember.

93. Sunset on the Salt Lakes, Utah

Probably one of the best days of of the road trip from California to Missouri, this photograph was one of the last ones I took on on that day, during the drive from Reno to Salt Lake City, as the sun was setting, reflecting off of the salt lakes with a silhouette of mountains on the horizon.

Taken at 70mph.

92. A Fundamental of Sikhism…

I mentioned in photograph 90 of my project that even though there wasn’t anything technically special about the photograph itself, I wanted to share it because it is under this flag which the Sikh nation unites.

Well, to emphasise the important of this, here is the exact same flag, colour, shape and form, standing in San Francisco US, which was taken last summer on my American adventure.

For those of my viewers who aren’t familiar with the Sikh tradition, if you ever see a flag like this beside or on a building anywhere in the world, it is to identify that there is a Gurdwara there, a Sikh religious place of worship. However, moreover it is a place of sanctuary for ALL, offering free food to anyone and a place of rest too.

91. Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Minister of State

Concluding the conversation with my MP, this is the response I received shortly after sharing my voice on the Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana case.

90. We care about you, Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana

The day before the planned execution for Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana by the Indian Government, Sikh communities around the world gather to meditate. It was confirmed that the execution was “cancelled”. Although, this is not a time to celebrate, with our brother still being held in jail.

The photograph, taken on the day which the Sikh youth in Glasgow made Nishan Sahibs, for a peaceful protest in Edinburgh held on 29th March, perhaps is a simple one, but it is under this flag which we unite, across the globe, to fight the tyranny and injustice which surrounds us.

89. Reply from my MP

Encouraged to contact our MP, MEP and MSP, there has been focus on evoking political influence on Indian government, externally. Hundreds of letters have been sent to MPs in Glasgow and the BBC to raise awareness on Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.

This is the response I received from my MP, one day after I hand delivered my letter to her.

88. Nishan Sahibs (Sikh Flag)

For a protest taking place in Edinburgh on 29th March for Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, 50+ Nishan Sahibs were made for the community to carry at the protest.


86. IPledgeOrange

Another campaign in supporting Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, Sikhs are encouraged to dress in orange this week, one of the Sikh national colours, not only to bring light to this topic, but also to share our presence in the world.

85. Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana

This is the beginning of the campaign for stopping the death sentence given to Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.
The Sikh community around the world, at Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana’s request, are making the effort to display orange Sikh flags at their homes.

84. Mr Squirrel [making another appearance]

83. The Production Line [Samosay]

82. River Don Panorama

From the age of five up until I went to university, I grew up on a quiet friendly estate, next to the River Don. I spent my childhood years cycling, walking, playing or just spending time here, with friends, and alone too.

81. University of Glasgow Main Building [From the other side]

80. View from my Home

You can see the main University of Glasgow building towards the left and the university library towards the right, where I’ve spent most of my time over the past five years. It has 12 floors and is one of the largest libraries in the UK. It has a spectacular view of Glasgow from the top, which I will hopefully get a shot of one day, when the lighting is right.

79. Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Still working on trying to get rid of the layering. It’s perfectly fine in Lightroom. The exported jpeg has to be less than 2MB in order to be uploaded to WordPress. In this compression process, the layering in the sky appears. I was given some advice to add 5-10% of grain and that will help it, but it hasn’t completely fixed it.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

78. Moon through the Trees

77. River Kelvin with Sunset & Crescent Moon

76. University of Glasgow Main Building from River Kelvin

75. Mr Squirrel

Mr Squirrel was munching on a chocolate egg which a student passing by had fed him. He grabbed the egg, ran up the tree with it and got stuck in.