Studying, Studying…More Studying…

Studying, Studying…More Studying…


The plan was to go on a cross country in the afternoon to a new place even Brandon hasn’t been to before. I got to put my finger on the map around a 50nm radius of Midwest!

I had a lie in because the weather was too bad to do my cross country so I literally sat in the study room at the school and studied all day. I had the school all to myself. It was a nice day to myself.

I went home and watched some of my fave tv shows and went to sleep quite early.


I was meant to fly solo in the pattern or in the practise area and it was such nice weather, like how it is in Scotland on a nice day – breezy and cool and not humid. It was perfect weather, but just a little too breezy for flying. It’s nothing that the aircraft can’t handle – just that I haven’t been in weather like that before so it would have been unsafe for me to fly in gusting winds.

I tried three times getting a weather brief that day because the winds tend to calm down in the evening but it was still too gusty.

So, again I stayed at the school all day and studied.

I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to because the section I was studying, weight and balance – every question requires all these calculations so it was SO time consuming and tiring…I managed to get through it and I studied another section. I still had another 3/4 of the course to get through. Once I go through all the questions and course sections, I will go through practise exams and when I consistently get over 85% (pass rate is 70%), then I can sit the exam.

I met Jackie, the mother of a Mongolian student coming to train at Career Pilot School. She is SO funny. We had a great time in the evening talking with her at our flat with my Dad, Rahul & Chinzo. Her stories were SO funny. She’s VERY quick and sarcy! [Reminder for myself - the "shape" story!]

Even though I didn’t fly, I was tired from studying, so after Jacky went to bed(she was staying with us), we went to sleep straight away too.


I stayed at home in the morning to study. After lunch, I stayed at the school and studied all afternoon. Would you like to guess what I did in the evening? – You got it! I went home and studied all evening.
I took a nap and then studied in the night until about 1/2am.

My written exam was in the following morning so it was important I felt confident otherwise there was no point sitting it. I felt good about it – I was consistently scoring over 85% in the test exams. I watched a film to switch off and relax then went to sleep.

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