East Kansas City (Dropping off Brandon & Chinzo and returning alone) | Flight in evening

Late morning, Brandon, Chinzo and I set off in the Cherokee to East Kansas City Airport. I dropped Brandon and Chinzo off and they took the Cessna 152 that was there for maintenance for a lesson and headed towards Midwest. I took the Cherokee back to Midwest back towards Midwest, practising my manoeuvres on the way in the practise area.

I practised stalls and slow flight. I didn’t’ enjoy it at all. It was the first time I was doing the manoeuvres alone and I felt very uncomfortable and a little scared. I didn’t feel happy at all, so I stopped practising and just headed back to Midwest. Practising stalls and slow flight aren’t the most comfortable generally – for slow flight, the pilot has to fly the aircraft at the slowest possible speed, with the stall horn blasting in your ears, your nose pointing up in the sky and the speed at like maybe 45/50knots. The aircraft feels vulnerable and light and when it’s a little windy, it can get a little bumpy. Generally, I hear that most student pilots don’t like practising slow flight or the stalls, because it isn’t normal! But it’s VERY important to know how it feels and how to recover if it ever occurs. My stalls just didn’t feel right – I’m not sure what I was doing wrong – it’s REALLY difficult to stall an aircraft, especially the Piper Cherkokee, which is a GOOD thing, but obviously a confusing thing for a student pilot trying to stall! Nevertheless, I felt nervous although I wasn’t unsafe and absolutely nothing happened – I was at 3,000ft and I was making sure the aircraft was a coordinated and I was good for fuel – this was just in my head. This happens to newly soloed pilots. This was the first time I didn’t really enjoy a flight.

I headed back to Midwest and landed safely – I never have had a problem with this. I waited for Brandon to return and then told him my experience and he suggested I should fly again in the evening just in the pattern where I’m comfortable to keep my confidence up and we can discuss the solo cross country afterwards which I was meant to do the following day.

So I did 7 landings, flying for about an hour. I really enjoyed that flight. After that, Rahul came to the airport, he dropped Onon and his friend to the airport for their flight to downtown and around the area and back.

I relaxed with Rahul at the airport with three other guys who had came to play some pool. One of them was the son of the guy who works at the FBO on the weekend (Phillip, his Dad John). His two friends were school mates. We played cut throat pool which I’ve never played before but it was really awesome!

I went home, exhausted from my full day of flying and my little fright, even though it was nothing. I still had to flight plan for my solo cross country the next day – I had dinner with Rahul and my Dad, planned as much as I could (the majority of it is done before the flight as to consider weather), then went to sleep.

I took quite a few videos on this day, with the intention of joining them together for a video blog. I’ll get on to this at some point. For now, enjoy the pics of our fleet and my evening flight. :)

Click HERE for Fullscreen! :)

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