First Solo Cross Country (to Miami County)

I had planned for my flight to Miami County, to continue on to Columbia then back to Midwest, but because I set of quite late on, I only ended up going to and from Miami County.

I really enjoyed the flight despite feeling quite nervous. I didn’t get lost and my communication with air traffic control was fine. Brandon was listening the whole time when he was in another aircraft and he was happy with my communication. He said I was too talkative and friendly and I should be more concise! Oh well – I didn’t know he was there on the same frequency but it was nice to know afterwards he was there to give me some feedback.

I got to Miami County no problem. I thought the airport was in front of me when I arrived but I was literally JUST passing it as it was to my left, so thank the GPS for that although I just spotted it in the corner of my eye so good job I was on the ball!

My approach was SOOOO bumpy it was mad, I have never experienced anything like it. I was tempted to go around but I thought well it’ll just be the same again, my altitude and velocity are good so I committed to landing and endured the turbulence. I did another there landings then stopped to close my flight plan, have something to eat and have a rest.

I headed back to Midwest and Brandon was listening then too. I got back no problem. I could see the airport from 10 miles out and I am familiar with the area now so it was pleasant to feel confident.

Brandon was just coming back from his flight as I landed so I did a couple more landings and then stopped when Brandon was coming in.

As I said, it was getting too late by the time I got back to finish planning for Columbia and go because by the time I got there, planned for the way back, it would be night time on the way back and I wouldn’t really be ready for a night flight alone at the moment. So it kinda sucks I didn’t get to do the full cross country since I was prepared for it but it wasn’t mean to be.

I chilled at Midwest for a while, had something to eat and wrote a few notes for my blog then I went flying again! I stayed in the pattern at Midwest to build up some solo hours. I did 6 landings which took about an hour. I was a bit tired but I really enjoyed it. It was very quiet in the pattern so I had the whole airport to myself. I practised normal, short/soft field take off and landings and when I landed, I refuelled so I was ready for my next flight.

I wrote some more notes for my blog at the airport whilst waiting for Rahul so I didn’t forget (good thing since I’m actually writing this like a month later!). My Dad, Rahul, Rachel (who instructed one of my first lessons) and I ate together when – it was good banter. I got home for about 9. I planned again for my three leg cross country which I was meant to do today then went to sleep.

[In the second picture - that's Downtown Kansas City in the distance. You can just make out Downtown Airport too which I've share pictures and videos of before. :)
There are a few pics of Johnson County Airport too.
More of Downtown on the way back.
The last two pictures are landing back at Midwest.
The last pic is to show that there's a lot of planning that goes on in the background before flying - it's rewarding when you're flying and every calculation you make is correct and everything is timed perfectly!]

Click HERE for Fullscreen! :)

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