The almost cross country solo flight

I woke up really early to plan for my cross country. I completed my flight plan and set off to Downtown Kansas Airport with Rahul. I had to go to downtown so that Rachel could endorse me for my cross country solo. Brandon had really hurt his back the previous night at a soccer match so he was at home.

After getting endorsed, Rahul took us to Midwest but we could see this very dark clouds coming in and so I called a weather briefer in the car and loads of thunderstorms and bad weather had just developed. So I cancelled my flight and went back to the school. I stayed there for a little while then went home and went back to sleep for a few hours, since if I can’t fly, then what’s the point in staying awake?! hehe. In hindsight, I probably should have wrote my blog! Anyone reading this thinking of blogging an experience – two pieces of advice. 1. write your blog the same day otherwise you WILL fall behind. 2. if you don’t write your blog, write notes every day because you WILL forget!

I woke up and got ready for Mark and Peter coming. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Mark and Peter. Mark went to secondary school with my Dad and they haven’t seen each other since they left 6th form, which was like thirty something years ago. This was their first time reuniting in all that time. Mark lives in the states permanently. Peter is his son, who is 14. Mark and my Dad were best friends at school and hung out together all the time. My Dad compared them to how Josh and I are now, who’s my best friend at university.

My Dad picked them up and when they returned, we had dinner together then we went to the school to show them around and chill there. I planned for my same cross country again for Saturday. I also spent a while on some coding and website stuff to do something else for a while.

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