Patterns & Smithville Lake

I woke up super early again and finished my flight plan. I spoke with Rachel after learning that there were thunderstorms developing enroute. I decided to cancel.

Mark, Peter, my Dad and I went to Midwest anyway to show them the airport, the FBO and our aircraft. The weather was fine at the airport, so I went out for a 30 minute flight in the pattern to practise landings and just to get up in the air because it’d been a while!

I let Peter sit in the aircraft whilst I started the engine up and he absolutely LOVED that hehe. I would have absolutely loved that too if at 14, someone allowed me to sit in an airplane and I got to watch them start it up.

After my flight, we played pool for a bit then my Dad took us to Smithville Lake which I’ve never been to but my Dad had gone quite a few times. It was a nice outing and we had some good banter.

On the way home, the heavens opened with a thunderstorm. So glad I didn’t do my cross country – pretty sure I wouldn’t have came home. =/

Dad made us an amazing meal when we got home (pepper, potato and tofu curry, with popadoms, rice and a salad).

We all enjoyed each other’s company over dinner and then had an early night for our early start, with Mark & Peter’s 8am flight with Rachel(introductory flight for Peter) and hopefully my cross country.

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