Ground Ground Ground & Double Instruction!

This day being less eventful than yesterday where I had over 5 hours of flying and over 300 nautical miles of ground covered, I had a 1030am start and had ground school for most the afternoon.

In the evening I flew with Rachel, with Brandon back seating. The flight was meant to be a mock check ride.

The flight kinda sucked. We left it a bit late and because a lot of the taxiways were closed at downtown airport making it very difficult to navigate around there, and with the fact that it was too late to go to the next nearest towered airport, OJC, because it’d be too dark by the time we got back, we just did half the flight and went home, which was really frustrating.

We practised VOR navigation which I’ve only done once very briefly so I got quite flustered with that because I didn’t know what to do and it was all just very confusing. Perhaps there was some pressure having two best friends instructors sitting in on the flight with me but in hindsight it was very helpful to have two eyes looking at my technique and it’s not every student pilot who gets the opportunity to have that. They were both very professional and gave great feedback afterwards, but I certainly did feel the pressure. Despite sucking at VORs and not getting to go to another airport, for the first part of my flight, all my procedures and manoeuvres were good. :)

After the flight, I was given a pat on the back and encouraged not to get flustered when I don’t get stuff in flight when I haven’t even learnt it properly on the ground!

After getting back to the school, having a bit of a breather, I had another 2 hours of ground school, totalling up to 4.5 hrs of ground school in preparation for my check ride in two days.

I learnt about VORs more in depth and the penny dropped for me on a few other topics too.

Overall, a day which I remember being quite frustrating and didn’t really enjoy, I made a lot of progress with preparation for the oral part of my check ride and having been given a lot of feedback from the flight I had, I was determined to have a perfect flight the following day.

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