Weekend Update

I had my big ground lesson on Friday afternoon on Airspace. There was a lot to take in! There’s still another part to Airspace left. I have two more big ground lessons then from that day when I finish my ground school, I will be sitting my written test a week from that date. I have this software for preparing for the written where you can do test exams, study the subjects and monitor your progress (the exam is multiple choice) – kind of like those interactive dvds you get for sitting your driving licence theory test. It’s very good. I thought I’d sit the whole exam just to see how I’d do by guess work and I got 60%, which I don’t think is that bad since most of the stuff I was just figuring it out by logic! So I don’t think it’ll take much work to get it up to 70% which is the pass rate, although I obviously want to do well so I have a good overall knowledge, since it’s not just about passing a test, it’s about having knowledge of everything to do with flying so I can keep myself alive.

We went home at around 6:30 and had a quick snack, then Rahul, Rohit and I went to a local school to play some football (soccer). It was fun! Just relaxed – kicked a ball around and took shots. After, Rohit came over and we had a lovely english dinner my Dad made – mashed potatoes, pinto beans, sausages and a fruit salad. It was lovely! After, the three of us went to Midwest to play pool. It’s such an awesome atmosphere at the airport. The FBO is just so cool! The pool table is really nice, there’s free tea and drinks, it’s really clean and nicely cooled. We had a good time!

We got back quite late so we had a bit of a lie in and then after lunch, Onon, Rohit, Rahul and I went to the Country Club Plaza at Kansas City. It’s just an area of Kansas City with nice shops and restaurants and stuff. It’s really nice there. We did a spot of shopping, went to the Apple Store, of course! When we came out of the Apple Store, there were some Hari Krishna people singing away! There were three of them – one with a portable harmonium, one with a dholki type drum and the other with some bells. I took a video – it was so awesome I wanted to join in! Hehe!

Brandon lives quite near to the Country Club Plaza and he was running so he found us and chilled with us for a bit before he carried on with his work out. I didn’t buy anything :( …but it was just nice to be out somewhere new! Rahul took us to Loose park, which is near to downtown which had some nice ponds and fountains, so we had a bit of a walk around there and took some photographs.

After that, we went to a view point which looks over the skyline of Downtown Kansas. It was a bit of a trek after having walked all day around the shops and then the park and now up loads of steps, but it was worth it! Got some great photographs up there. :)

After that, Onon needed to get some earphones so we headed to Best Buy back in Liberty, which is similar to Currys but so much better! We had a browse around and I made the mistake of trying on these amazing noise cancelling amplified Bose Headphones. They were AMAAAZING! So I’m set on researching that and saving up for a pair! Daym I need to stop seeing things I want! Best Buy is a geek’s heaven. It has EVERYTHING electrical and gadgety you could ever ask for! We had good banter in Best Buy – there was this big dude(although everyone is big from my perspective) who works there who had a massive cast on his leg and I asked him, “Oh no! What happened to you then?!” …and he said “Oh I hit a massive sledgehammer off it, nahh kidding….it was basketball!” I asked him if he wanted a hug and he said “Yeah okay!” So I gave him a big hug and by this time a couple of his colleagues had come over! He was like, “wow this guy is magic I already feel better!” America is so much fun! You would NEVER get that banter in PC World or Currys.

We came home after a grocery shop at Wallmart rather tired, but we wanted the fun to continue, although Rahul probably would have preferred to go out clubbing and meet some girls!! Onon and Rohit backed out, but Rahul and I headed to Midwest again for some pool! We played a few games but we had agreed to do some work too and then play pool again before we go home. After we sat down to work after having a few rounds of pool, three other guys came and took the pool table so we didn’t play again, but it was so awesome chilling at Midwest. I didn’t get much work done because I got carried away by watching classical raag/tabla videos on YouTube. Once you get started you just keep clicking and clicking on the next thing! I was watching some awesome Zakir Hussain & Taufiq Qureshi videos and also Raag Jog on violin and bansuri and guitar too!

Plans for today, Sunday:

Heading to the school to study. I’ll hopefully get those photographs from the FAA Safety event ready and get my solo take-off/landing video edited and rendered. But thats quite a lot so even if I just study, it’s fine.

Hope you’re all having a splendid weekend!

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