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Yo yo yo!

Quick update since things are getting very busy now.

With my ground school over, now it’s about flying flying flying! I have to fly an hour solo a day at least, just pottering about in the practise area doing all my manoeuvres. I also need to do a couple of cross country, dual and solo. I also need to have a night flight (although this will probably be integrated into one of the cross countries). I also need to sit my written in exam. Then I’ll have my check ride. Oh by the way, all of this in less than 14 days. Oh I forgot to mention – I have to build a website too.

*head explodes*

Yesterday, Monday 29th August:

Didn’t have a good day. Stayed at school all day – had ground school, studied, went home early, didn’t get anything done, couldn’t sleep much. It was a downer.

Today, Tuesday 30th August:

Stayed at school all day again – finished my ground school, studied, worked on the logo design. Now I’m at home and I’m trying to create an action plan so I do things in priority order and hoping everything gets done, since everything on my list is really important!

If the website doesn’t get built, then that’s a big bummer because It’ll be easy for me to build it and set it up but really hard to develop it with the team since I’ll be in Scotland. I guess it was too much to train to become a pilot in 6/7 weeks and be a web designer and IT support at the same time. Well I created a flight schedule system and a way for the staff to share documents easily, so I guess that’s the starting point. The new fancy website will eventually come.

As I said, I’m so bogged down with work, this is a short blog post. No pics or vids. Oh man I just remembered I have to still finish making that first solo take-off/landing video! Argh that’s so time consuming but it needs to be done! And I need to share pics from the FAA safety event with that director! Eeeek! It’ll all have to wait – Studying for PPL is my priority.

Peace Out!

A Rusty Return to Flying. Still super happy though :)

The weather was lovely today. So I got to fly this morning at 7:30. The last time I flew was last Saturday, so I was quite off my game.

I was correct with my prediction from yesterday evening that Brandon was watching my every move to see how close I am for my solo. Because it’s been 6 days since I’ve flown, unfortunately that time has been knocked back. I felt a bit overwhelmed today with things I found very easy last week, however, on a good note, all my landings apart from the last one were super smooth, so I’ve got the hang of that. For the first while when you start flying an airplane, kind of like when you start driving a car, it’s difficult to have that spacial awareness. For example, when we drive for the first time, it’s hard to know how close the other wing mirror is to parked cars on the side of the road. It’s the same with flying. It’s difficult to feel for where the wheels are so I felt they were quite close to the seat but now I am starting to have a feel for the distance between my seat and the wheels, so my pitch and angle were quite good.

On my last landing, there was a MASSIVE thud and Brandon said specifically, “Right last one make it perfect!” on the upwind…On final…there’s a sports aircraft on the runway taxiing! And it’s Rachel who’s instructing on it! So because Brandon and Rachel are flatmates and have been childhood friends, they start a wee natter, and I’m descending, adding flaps, coming in for finals, kind of like, urrr, are we landing, go around, say our prayers and call it a day?!!! or what?!

Turns out Rachel was going to get off in time and I should have definitely committed to landing. But I was so overwhelmed and confused and things were going so fast, I pitched up too much, put the power to idle and when you do that, you just cringe and wait for the thud! It wasn’t TOO bad – but yeah it’s not nice! Especially to end the day like that as well.

Anyway back to the actual flight. I went through all the manoeuvres, whilst doing the radio calls too. So did slow flight, power off/on stalls, steep turns. Then we did emergencies. But we actually landing at another tiny little runway, called Excelsior Springs. So at a couple of thousand feet and Brandon cuts the power. I go through the procedure and I say okay I’m going to start circling looking for a place to land – I’m going to turn right and Brandon says, actually you probably want to turn left. So I look left and see there’s a runway below me! So I thought AH! Okay yes we’ll land there! So going through all the checklists as if we have actually had an engine failure. Circling and timing it so we can be in the downwind at 1000ft above the runway. Unfortunately, when turned for finals, I was too low so I would have crashed into the trees before the runway :( .So Brandon took over and did a go around and I landed there anyway. It’s a tiny runway – not like what I’m used to – 5500ft with lights and a proper taxi way etc. This thing was an old bumpy tarmac with pretty much a taxi way made out of a mixture of grass and tarmac! We couldn’t do a touch and go because the runway was too short so we did a full stop and taxied back to the beginning of the runway for a short field take off. So my first proper emergency landing at a completely different runway I’d never done before, after not flying for 6 days. Brandon was clearly pushing my boundaries Good in a sense, but today, I felt a bit disappointed with my performance. Can’t be perfect every day! And as a result, I’ve studied hard today and am ready to push myself more, so that’s good in a sense! So I experienced short field take-off for the first time today – basically where you put the brakes on and apply full power then let go of the brakes so you have full power applied straight away! Also, with a stage of flaps, there is more lift available too. :

After that, we flew back to the airfield and did a few touch and goes and I’ve already shared what happened at the end!

Crazily enough, my Dad was flying with Rachel in the afternoon and Brandon was flying with one of the Mongolians . So Brandon is on finals about 5miles out on runway 36 and my Dad is lining up to take off on runway 18! (So basically they’re facing each other!) Same thing happens! – Brandon goes – Hey Rachel! Rachel replies, Hey! to which Brandon says, “Love ya!” to which Rachel replies, “mmhmm”…as if they’re going to play a game of Chicken or something!!!! My Dad doesn’t have a clue it’s Brandon at this point! Brandon says, “Hey Gucci!” My Dad is like WHAAAAT! Man it’s funnier when he tells the story. So my Dad and Rachel take off and Brandon banks off to the right for runway 18 so my Dad just followed behind him I think. I think it’s scary for us as new students because we don’t’ have hundreds of hours of experience and confidence – every new thing is just so exciting and a bit mad, I must say! Good story to remember though!

Anyway! – After my flight I came back to the school and started to work on the website. Didn’t really get anywhere today with implementing a calendar system with password encryption. So kinda gutted about that.

I came home and had a quick nap and had some lunch then studied for the rest of the afternoon.

My Dad and I went to Wallmart in the evening after work and stocked up on everything. We came home, cooked dhaal&chol together, ate and now it’s time for bed.

I cancelled my 6am flight in the morning because I’m exhausted and I feel I just need to work on my theory a bit more and then really get stuck in the flying next week. Brandon was actually relieved to have a cancellation because he’s pretty tired too!

Excuse spelling and grammar errors – I normally read through my post (after writing it in TextEdit) and correct it – I am too tired to reread it! Maybe in the morning I’ll look over it again and correct it. :)

G’night all :)

HTML, PHP, CSS, …snore!!!

Evening all,

Generally, an uneventful day, aviation wise. IT Dev wise – quite an eventful day!

I spent the majority of the day working on the career pilot school website, updating the staff page, the location page and the housing page. The rest of the time was searching for how to get rid of the “contact us” page on the nav bar before moving the contact us page from About Career Pilot School onto the nav bar. Nevertheless, what a hassle. Turns out it’s hardcoded into the website so I have to pay $125 per hour to the hosting company to delete one line of code if I can’t find it myself. So I spent the day trying to look for where it is and didn’t succeed. Major frustration.

So, I decided today that it’s time to make the necessary changes on the website up to a point then start working on a brand new design! I’ve had enough of this 5 year old outdated website, even though it looks okayish – from the backend, it’s so difficult to manage and develop!

I had ground school in the late evening, going through my pre-solo written. I have it completely corrected now and the date was set for my exam. So on Thursday (11th August), I’ll get the same document and I’ll have to do the test and pass it and that will be my written part for going solo! If only university was like this – getting the exam I am going to sit before sitting it! Amazing! I better do well in this haha! What a fail if I screwed it up when I know EVERY question coming up!

I was having proper “scrubs moments” in my ground school today. Like Brandon asks, “How would you find out what the length of the runway is?” Obviously the answer is that you could check the sectional (map). But like JD, I imagined myself getting a measuring tape and walking up the runway measuring it! HA!!!! There were a few others but those daydreams have come and gone now.

Anyway – I get to go flying tomorrow! – YAAAY! Man I have felt a little low (pun intended – I know how funny am I?!) today after not flying for a few days – getting withdrawal symptoms. Nah I’m only kidding I’m fine but I certainly do miss flying after three days. I have no idea how I’m going to handle no flying for like 9/10 months when I go back to Scotland. I also miss a good cup of tea! They don’t have tea here how they do in the UK! And we don’t have Josh here (my best friend from university) – he makes a smashing cup of tea man. (Just thought I’d give a shout-out to him – miss him a tad…but not enough to go home and stop flying! – as I’m sure he’d feel the same way if he were here and I was at home)

So yeah – tomorrow’s flight is at 7:30am. I think this is gonna be the day where Brandon really watches my performance to see if I’m ready for my solo or not. I trust he’ll be observing how confidently and correctly I do all the radio calls, how I do all my manoeuvres & emergencies and of course how I do on my landings. So I think if I perform very well tomorrow, this will really add to Brandon’s decision on when I can go solo. So I’m gonna give it my absolute full focus (I always do anyway, but as much as possible tomorrow), which starts with an early night tonight. :)

I have a confession to make. I haven’t seen the film Top Gun before. I don’t know why – I just never got around to it! So I am making a priority to watch it before I go solo, since my instructor and all my colleagues have said this is an absolute priority! Perhaps Brandon wouldn’t even sign me off until I watch Top Gun!

Urrr…Brandon did mention he is reading my blogs but not sure how often. I’m not sure if he’s susceptible to flattery (I’m sure we all are to an extent depending on how it’s used on us), but he’s working me hard and I’m glad I have someone who’s pushing me at a pace where I have to extend myself just a bit more. He’s not bad on the eyes either. Shame he can’t spell “Colour” properly though. (He was proper shocked when I said that’s how we spell it in the UK and I hadn’t just spelt it wrong! hehe)

It’s cooler during the day so I’m coping with my day to day activities. Not needing siestas anymore. I’m happy, healthy and living a dream!

That’ll be all.

I’m now Head of IT Support & Development! Moving up in the world, baby! ;)

Good Evening!

Not much of an update today friends & family.

I’m grounded at the moment (boo hoo) because my baby (The Cherokee, not Brandon) is due for its 100hr service. Although I’ve just learned about 10 minutes ago it might not be and I can fly! So we’ll see what happens tomorrow!

So today I got in to the office for 1030 (aiming to bring that back to 9:30 from now on) and worked really hard on the website and pre written solo exam. I sat in an empty office for the first time and got a lot done.

Managed to make contact with the hosting company and get all the details I need and become the point of contact for the website, which was very easy for me to organise, which is great because there could have been so many problems! Unfortunately, the hosting company weren’t able to give me the artwork files because they don’t have any! So looks like that if I’m going to have to rebuild the website from scratch, I will literally have to start from the bottom – won’t even have the logos to copy =/

Ah well s’all good!

Spent pretty much the whole day at the office, working on the website and my pre-written solo exam and Brandon didn’t get back in time for my ground school, so I didn’t even have any teaching. I started the Gleim software package for the PPL written test and scored 98% after my second attempt at the Aerodynamics section. (which is kind of expected since I’ve been studying that stuff for 3 years now!). So that’s good – on to the stuff I have no idea about tomorrow – weather/navigation etc!)

We finished up around half 7 and then went out to play soccer with Rahul and Karthik. There was a few american football matches at the park we went to, so we came back and just kicked the ball around the parking lot and then couldn’t be bothered so just sat on the swings nearby and chatted!

All in all, a pretty relaxed day, considering no flying or ground school although I’m happy I got a lot done for both the website and the written part of my PPL.

Still need to develop my blog and have a better system for sharing photographs and start uploading my videos. The problem with videos is that the internet connection here is terrible and all the videos I’ve taken are in HD so it’s going to take forever to upload them! I’ll give it a shot tomorrow maybe since I don’t have ground until 4:30pm

kk c u l8r lolz :)
Peace out! x

WordPress Template


Was just checking to see how the previous post looked after writing it on my iPod Touch and saw the design of the website with the random header images!

Just thought I’d let Y’all know that I’m using the generic 2011 WordPress Theme template.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find the time to build a template before I left. Hopefully I can design something relevant soon so it’ll be a nice website to visit. :)